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Who we are

We’re taking the hassle out of ordering concrete

Tech has made our lives easier. We press a button to order an Uber or to get food delivered to our doors. We save time in our day-to-day lives but in the construction industry, there are things that take more time than they should.

At Found, we’re here to change that.

With Found, you can order concrete in 2 minutes with all the best suppliers in one place. This is our first step in making all your concrete needs easier.

There’s three things you can hold us to


We’re here to make your life easier

We’re making your concrete order easy but we know it’s much more than that. It’s getting time back with your family rather than being on the phone trying to sort out tomorrow's job, it’s saving you from frustration when looking for invoices, and everything in between.

We use tech to put people first

We build technology that helps our team be more available when you need us. There’s no substitute for an account manager who you can call or decades of industry experience.

We take bold steps

When you choose Found, you’re choosing a team that is not satisfied with ‘good’ work. We’re here to deliver you the best experience and challenge ourselves to improve every day.

5+ suppliers

You’ll find Advanced Readymix, Boral, Concrite, Gunlake, Hy-tec, Midway and more, when you make an order.

5K+ orders

We’ve completed orders for any and every concrete job, from driveways to slabs to pools.

20+ people

Our team includes account managers who answer your calls, to the developers making sure availability is up to date in the app.

Our story

Here’s what’s happened so far.

What people are saying about us

Mitch from Summit Landscapes has been using Found since 2019. He talks about his team’s experience ordering concrete through Found.


Concrete supply across Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast, Melbourne and South East Queensland


Sydney and the Southern Highlands

South East Queensland


Melbourne and Geelong

Newcastle and Central Coast

Newcastle and Central Coast

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What people say about us