Tips and tricks for an efficient concrete pour

Like you, we also don’t like service fees and while we can’t remove them, we aim to make them simpler and fairer for our customers.

We have put together the following handy tips and tricks for customers to make their concrete pours efficient and avoid being charged additional service fees in the process.

Waiting Times

Waiting time is one of the main reasons a concrete customer is charged service fees. At Found, we know there are reasons why waiting times occur, that is why our waiting time fees start incurring after 45 minutes of the truck being on site, whereas some suppliers start charging at 30 mins.

  • Ensure all preparation work is completed before the truck is on its way: In order to limit the amount of time a concrete truck spends on site, ensure all your form and preparation work is completed before the truck is released front the plant.

    • Make sure all required staff are on site so that they can get to work as soon as the truck arrives.

  • Make sure you know how you want your concrete poured from the truck: You need to know the best way to get your concrete from the truck. This might require you to get a concrete pump, use a wheelbarrow or pour straight from the chute pending on the amount of concrete you’re using or the specifications of the job site. 

    • Using a wheelbarrow traditionally is the most manual way to do so and thus might take the longest and mean that you are at risk of being charged waiting times. 

    • If you are pouring straight from the chute, or from a pump, ensure you have enough people to work, smooth and set your concrete.

Concrete truck, from our supplier Boral, arrives on site.

Concrete truck, from our supplier Boral, arrives on site.

Concrete disposal 

At Found, we know that there can be times when you order too much concrete for your job site. That is why we have increased the threshold of returned concrete volume to 0.8m3.

  • Over ordered or surplus concrete can be returned in the delivery vehicle for environmentally responsible disposal if no facility is available on site. To reduce likelihood of returned concrete, ensure you correctly measure your concrete needs using a handy concrete calculator

Cancellations: Cancellation fees incur when your job is cancelled after 3pm on the day prior to your pour

  • Be organised and use our modify/reschedule order button - we have introduced a reschedule and modify order button within our app to make it easier for you to make changes to your concrete order. You can change the concrete mix specifications, order size and delivery date, time and address all within our app.


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