Found Concrete launches its Concrete Calculator

Our concrete calculator was designed to improve the accuracy of estimating the quantity of concrete needed to be ordered. We have included one within the order flow (volume section) of our mobile app, so our customers can better estimate their concrete needs.

Ordering excess concrete is not only wasteful but can be quite expensive as there can be service fees associated with the disposal of excess concrete.

Some shapes are harder to calculate than others (for example a set of stairs), and so we have included the following shapes:

  • Round column

  • Curb & gutter

  • Slab

  • Steps

  • Wall

Should you have any suggestions send in your requests, and we'll assess them to see if we can include them within our calculator.

Found concrete calculator

Please note that our concrete calculator only provides an estimate as to the amount of concrete you may need for any specific order.

How does it work ?

Download our app via Apple or Google Play store.

  1. Choose your delivery address

  2. Choose your concrete mix - we have a range of standard mixes available

  3. Use Concrete Calculator to determine required concrete volume

  4. Confirm concrete delivery date and time.

  5. Your concrete is booked - you will be informed and updated by text message

  6. Make your payment by 3pm the day before the pour

Found has recently launched afternoon discounts, giving customers a per cubic metre discount on concrete delivered after 12pm.

Found Concrete is available in the greater Melbourne, Geelong Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Lower Hunter regions.


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