For tradies: How to manage your cash-flow

Found understands that cash-flow is an important function for any tradie’s business. This is especially heightened during the Christmas period. Found is continuing to partner with adjacent businesses to provide more technology-led advice to ensure your business is being run to the best of its ability.

To get the best guidance on cash-flow, we talked to the team at Marmalade. Marmalade was created for Aussie business-owners to gain more control over their finances and have similarities with Found as we are both producing technology-driven efficiencies for our customers.

Here the team at Marmalade outline what tradies should look for in a cash-flow management tool, how Marmalade differs from the rest and 4 ways tradies can make managing their cash-flow easier.

Who should read this article?

Are you a tradie who owns a small-medium sized business? Business owners who need assistance with cash-flow management should keep scrolling to learn more about Marmalade.

What do tradies need in a cash-flow management tool?

  • They need fast access to their money

  • A low-cost solution (with no hidden costs)

  • It needs to be simple to use

  • And the process needs to be transparent

For those tradies who want to know more about Marmalade, download their free e-book.

What are four things that make managing your cash flow easy?

  1. Cashing-in invoices is easy

    Cashing-in with Marmalade isn’t a loan. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to access your cash for a small, one-off fee, and zero interest.

  2. You choose what and when to cash-in your invoice

    There are no commitments when it comes to cashing-in your invoices with Marmalade. You choose the invoices you wish to cash-in and those you don't. Simply select the invoice you wish to cash-in, review the associated one-off fee and your cash will be with you within 24-hours guaranteed.

  3. Seamless integration with Xero

    Marmalade and Xero go together like jam and bread, linking seamlessly with just one click. So you can keep track of incoming payments and save hours doubling up on time-stealing admin

  4. Spend less time chasing invoices

    When you cash-in an invoice with Marmalade, we take on all the risk of customer non payment. The platform provides you with all of the information needed on the status of your invoices so you can spend less time chasing unpaid invoices, and more time building your business.

Three ways Marmalade differs from other cash-flow management tools

  1. Marmalade is the only true cash-flow tool that allows our customers to access their money, when they want it

  2. Marmalade enables it’s customers to get their eligible invoices paid within 24-hours for one low fee between 2-5%

  3. There are no additional fees, lock-in contracts, guarantees, no interest and no debt - simply ONE ‘cash-in fee’ when you choose to cash-in an invoice


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